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Xecuter Blaster CK3

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Xecuter Blaster CK3


Xecuter Blaster CK3

Xecuter Blaster CK3


The Xecuter Blaster CK3 is the latest version of the Blaster 360 series – new and improved with added support for the Liteon drives – we have also included a CK3 Probe for the Liteon 74850C DVD drive and an Xbox 360 Case Unlock Tool & Screwdriver !

The Xecuter Blaster CK3 is an external switching device when, once fitted, allows you to flash your DVD Firmware without ever having to open up your Xbox 360 case ever again. Also making a backup of your expensive game using the 0800 firmware is now a fast and simple process. A perfect ergonomic design means there is no soldering and no cutting of the external case – just plug ‘n’ go. You only ever have to open up your case once! No longer will you have to have your Xbox 360 in pieces all the time, no longer will you have to take the Xbox apart every time you need to update new features and functions or essential bug fixes, no longer do you have to have your Xbox 360 in bits every time you want to make a backup of your game to your PC.

It was designed to be as ergonomically sound as the Xbox 360 itself. Its functionally perfect and works so good that Team Xecuter believes all firmware modders will be using this as standard by the end of the year, it just makes life SO MUCH EASIER ! – Firmware modding has never been so simple !

Features List:

  • Improved Design – Better than ever !
  • Once installed never open up the case again to update firmware
  • Works with ALL firmware updateable drives (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq & Liteon)
  • Onboard USB Support (Liteon 74850C DVD Key Dump)
  • Onboard RS232 Support (Liteon 74850C DVD Key Dump)
  • 100% Compatible with all firmware tools inc Jungle Flasher
  • Compatible with Xbox Backup Creator
  • Includes Blaster CK3 Probe (No Solder Liteon 74850C DVD Key Extraction)
  • Includes Xecuter Case Unlock Tool & Torx 10 Screwdriver
  • Quickly Update to 0800 firmware for backing up your games then quickly revert to normal gaming firmware – No more extra drives or bad Kreon rips !
  • Xbox 360 mode switch when the Blaster is not in use.
  • PC mode switch when you connect the SATA cable to your PC
  • Mode-B Switch
  • Xbox Live Safe – Having it installed does not cause any bans (It’s certain firmware and/or games that can possibly cause a ban NOT the Blaster CK3 in itself)
  • Eject Button
  • Includes USB Cable
  • Includes RS232 Serial Cable
  • Improved SATA circuit to stop any E64 errors
  • Ergonomically matched to the 360 case
  • New Cool Green LED feature
  • Huge Community Support
  • Trusted Xecuter Quality & Design


  • Windows PC (XP/VISTA/7 32 Bit)
  • Compatible SATA Card (recommend VIA 6421)
  • Jungle Flasher Software
  • USB Port or RS232 Serial Port For Liteon 74850C

Installation Instructions:




You need to install the Xecuter LT Switch to get the key from the NEWER Liteon 83850C and 93450C. August 2009+ (The pre August 2009 Liteon 83850C DVD key can be extracted using SATA – the USB / Serial is NOT required.




DO NOT connect the USB cable if you don’t have a Liteon 74850C DVD drive and DO NOT use the Blaster CK3 Probe on a Liteon 83850C or 93450C DVD Drive – you may cause damage to your Xbox Drive and Blaster CK3.


NOTE: This product is a power supply. It does not enable any kind of piracy or have any code whatsoever. DO NOT use this product if you are looking to perform any illegal activity. This product is designed so that you can easily get your DVD drive key so that you can replace a damaged DVD Rom drive with a new one if it is out of warranty.

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AL-4000:PS3/360 repair machine 

AL-4800:PSP/PS2/PS3/360 repair machine


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